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Saddle your reindeer and keep your eyes open for the northern lights: you're about to ride with Finnair USA in the finnair seat selection. This Helsinki-based airline does not theoretically hire Rudolph to guide its sleighs, better known as airplanes, but there is always plenty of awesomeness to go around in the Arctic Circle. First of all, it's the fifth oldest airline in the country, which means Santa Claus may have begun his career there. Second, the airlines are among the top airlines worldwide, so that you may take flights from Finnair in Asia, Europe and North America to more than 100 foreign locations without merely contemplating turbulence. Only shut your eyes and think of Finland as stunning. Oh, is that the Borealis aurora?


About Finnair Plus 

With a plus in the tag, we're suckers for something, but this frequent-flyer package lives up to the hype. Even the Helsinki hipsters will be impressed; not only do the basic ranks have access to rewards such as virtual check-in facilities, special assistance lines, and priority protection lanes, but with Finnair business-class enhancements, mile incentives, and additional baggage allowances, the upper echelon of earners can also flex their standing. As if that's not enough, the curriculum only has a special tier for children aged 12 and 18 years of age: finnair airlines reservation Plus Junior. Finally, your daughter will use her mile balance to rate that she's been bugging you around for months with the Angry Birds mug. Let both of us rejoice. 

For you, we'd switch glaciers 

We metaphorically say that. Did you see the stuff up close? They're huge. Now, if anything could make a towering mound of ice turn, it would be the force of's inexpensive flights, first-class fares, and bargain offers. To book your Finnair Airlines reservations, use our customized reviews and exclusive specials and you'll see what we're blabbering about. If we do not get Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen to come along for the ride, just try not to be upset. Finland can be only a stone's throw from their home base, but they are booked months in advance for those reindeers. Blitzen is sending out his apology. 

Flights from Finnair International

International travelers pick Expedia-powered to discover Finnair's most comfortable travel routes and schedules. To earn yet more frequent flyer miles, find the best fares on flights around the globe to the international destinations of choice. Popular international flight routes from Finnair include: finnair airlines book a flight 

New York Towards Helsinki (JFK to HEL)

Finnair Serves The following airports

The following airports are home to domestic and foreign flight routes for Finnair: 

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